Why You Need An Engagement Session and The Experience That Comes With It

Your engagement is a huge milestone and a season that deserves to be captured. Your engagement represents your love and commitment to another person along with a lifetime of happiness. So what better way to celebrate than with fun engagement photos, am I right?

I’m here today to share with you all the reasons why you need an engagement session and the experience that comes along with it. This will be one of those days you remember forever and look back on. So, let’s get into it! Scroll down below to read more about your future engagement session.


I could tell you PLENTY of reasons why you need to have an engagement session but let me narrow it down to just a few reasons!

01. You can use the photos for more than just a keepsake

Your engagement session photos are usually used by being put in cute picture frames by your bed or put into a photo album for you and your partner. But, that is not the only thing you could use them for! Engagement photos are great for sending out wedding invites, save the dates, or even for wedding day decor. They can be used for practically anything so it’s really great to always have them on hand!

02. It’s a great way to get to know your wedding photographer

The person who gets to photograph your wedding day will not only be a helping hand but someone capturing the entire experience of your wedding day. Your engagement photos are a great way to get to know your photographer and allow them to get to know you. They can figure out the best poses for you and your preferences for your bridal photos at your wedding as well.

03. It’s a great way to celebrate your engagement

Yes, bring that champagne and celebrate! It’s only right that when you get engaged, you celebrate as much as possible. I mean, it’s a big deal! Take advantage and soak in the moment with your fiance. You guys can make your session into a date night and go out for dinner after too!


I can promise you a couple of things. I can promise you that you will have fun, you will be so happy spending quality time with your partner, and I will always do my best to make you comfortable and have the most unforgettable experience. I thrive to help couples show their true emotions through photos and make it feel like there not even taking photos. I’m in the background just navigating you along the way! Your engagement session is exciting and should be celebrated every day until your wedding.

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“I was inspired to choose Sierra Dyer Co because her style is slightly whimsical, which I thought would be perfect for our wedding photos. During the ceremony, my mind of honor took my bouquet back to her seat by mistake. Sierra quickly went over to her and quietly directed on the best way to navigate the situation and it was very much appreciated! It felt great to know that she was looking out for us and my guests. I also have minimal experience in front of the camera and I was nervous about posing to get the right shot. Sierra did a great job at talking me and my husband through different poses and we had a great time!”

-Jake + Samantha

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