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Let’s talk editorial! Why is it important? What’s the big deal?

Editorial photography is not only something I love doing but it is something that is necessary for every photographer to do. There are so many benefits in shooting editorials that I want to touch on but first, what is editorial photography? According to Adobe, “Editorial photography means the images that accompany an article in a publication. But editorial images can also exist on their own and imply a narrative or outline a creative concept.” In simpler terms, editorial photography can be a creative concept you photograph or a creative concept you capture for a designer, florist, or other vendors within different industries. It is a way for you to expand your mind in a creative way! I mean come on, how cool is that?! It is so important for photographers to tap into editorial photography once in a while because it allows you as an artist to bring an idea to life. Oftentimes, photographers get used to cookie cutter posing and composition with little creative freedom – because let’s face it, wedding days are usually all about efficiency. But with editorial photography, there are no rules. That leaves you to capture any idea you have in your mind. It not only helps you grow as a photographer but it helps bring more creativity into your everyday photo sessions.

If you’re looking for ideas on possible editorial sessions in the future and want to get a taste of what it’s like, scroll down below for more!


“Sierra was absolutely wonderful to work with! She did an amazing job helping us to feel comfortable and open up during our engagement session. On our wedding day, she was able to control our crazy wedding party to ensure that I got the shots that I wanted. She does a fabulous job directing the poses to ensure the most beautiful photos! She went above and beyond for us and we greatly appreciate everything she’s done for us!”

-Hannah Paul

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