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Christmas Trees. Mistletoe. Lights. And a beautiful couple. (sigh) The perfect combination for a winter engagement session.

Hailey was the winner of my photography session giveaway contest, and after recently getting engaged, she and Logan wanted to use it as their engagement session. With their wedding planned for next winter, Hailey and Logan’s idea of doing photos at a Christmas tree farm was PERFECT!

ceeceephotography-haileylogan 48.jpg

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After researching a few Christmas tree farms online, we decided to travel to Kaliedoscope Farms in Findlay, Ohio. It was a great choice! With a patch of trees nestled back in a clearing over a creek bridge in between a woods and tall textured grass, we’d hit the jackpot!

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I’ve known Hailey and Logan for a few years and their engagement session was a perfect way to catch up – and even get to know them a little better as a couple. Hailey and Logan are high school sweethearts. Logan introduced Hailey to his country lifestyle and all that it entails, like early morning feedings and late night chores, while Hailey introduced Logan to her wanderlust tendencies. Even after Hailey moved away to attend college, they continued to date long distance and truly learned how to embrace their time together. Six and a half years later, they now own a home together and have traveled all over the country and abroad exploring new places. 

I love their love story. And I’m so glad I could capture a glimpse of that in their pictures. My absolute favorite thing about their session was their genuine laughs. 

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For all the smiles, we got just as many softer and quiet moments, that if I could use an emoji there would be a million “all the feels” emojis inserted here. 

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You’d be missing out if I didn’t show some photos of the ring! This rose gold beauty is so unique. Logan popped the question while they were walking on the beach together in North Carolina. 

ceeceephotography-haileylogan 80.jpg

ceeceephotography-haileylogan 158.jpg

ceeceephotography-haileylogan 133.jpg

Christmas trees call for Christmas lights!

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ceeceephotography-haileylogan 117.jpg

And, a few more of my favorites that I just can’t help but share! 

ceeceephotography-haileylogan 10.jpg

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