Archived: My Editing Process

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I edit all of my photos using an Adobe software program called Lightroom.  Lightroom is similar to Photoshop, however Lightroom makes workflow of editing photos a lot quicker with tools to edit photos easily accessible.  It’s important that my clients know I edit each of their photos to reassure quality.  I like to show before and after photo examples.  It takes me approximately 15-20 to edit one photo. 

Here is what my editing process is like:

  1. Upload photos into folder collection with Lightroom (this helps keep my photos organized)
  2. Delete any photos that look blurry, eyes are closed, bad pose, or simply just do not look good
  3. Go through photos again and star the ones I really like for editing
  4. Editing starts with normal edits on exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast, noise, vibrancy, etc.
  5. Next special editing is done on the subject’s eyes (brighten), skin (fix blemishes, skin color correction), hair (add contrast, brighten)
  6. Then deeper editing on the total look of the photo giving it my own artistic look and feel
  7. Create copy of original photo and copy of edit
  8. Provide edited photos to client

Before and after examples:

filed in: