Looking for a “getting ready” spot the morning of your wedding? Check out these Columbus Airbnbs

On the morning of your wedding, the “getting ready” location matters more than you might think. It’s where you’ll have intimate moments with close friends or heartwarming chats with parents. It’s where you’ll glance at yourself in the mirror for the last time as a fiancé. It might also be where your photographer will capture portraits after hair and makeup is complete. 

While many wedding venues have a bridal/groom suite built into their space, they might not match the aesthetic you’re looking for, allow for early arrival, or offer the accessibility/proximity that your loved ones need. Enter: Airbnbs. 

As a fine art wedding photographer in Columbus, Ohio, I’m partial to the idea of getting ready at an Airbnb because many of them are overflowing with natural light and character. But it’s not just about the photo opps. It’s about curating a morning that puts your mind at ease, and the location you choose plays a significant role in the ‘morning of’ vibes.

What to look for

The morning of your wedding could feel cramped in a dull hotel room. Especially considering that it likely won’t be just you getting ready in the space; you may need to account for a wedding party, family members, or hair and makeup artists. Having access to a spacious and cozy atmosphere is a ‘must have’ in my eyes. It’s also wise to consider the distance between the property rental and your wedding venue to eliminate transportation hurdles. Bonus points if the host allows large parties — there’s something special about having a slumber party the night before your big day.

A handful of my favorites

Luxury Rose Manor in Short North

Why I like it: elegant charm, free parking, neutral furnishings/walls with pops of spring pink, five bedrooms so your loved ones can stay over the night before, close to the Short North, unique murals. Take a tour.

German Village Retreat

Why I like it: endless natural light through the living room and kitchen, cozy and spacious atmosphere, several nooks for hair and makeup to do their thing, outdoor garden for solo portraits and family hangouts. Take a tour.

Lavish Columbus Villa

Why I like it: the Werner House doubles as a wedding venue! Plenty of space for overnight guests, light overflowing in every room, and let’s take a moment for the staircase… Take a tour.

Mid-Century Luxury Parker House

Why I like it: it’s giving mid-century luxury with three floors, spacious rooms, artistic decor and breathtaking greenery surrounding the home. Take a tour.

If you have any questions about selecting an Airbnb for your getting ready location the morning of your wedding, I’d love to share my experience photographing couples who went this route. Get in touch with me here.

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