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After photographing weddings for over six years, I thought it would be beneficial to put together a list of little known wedding day tips to consider so that you can make your day extra special, memorable and most importantly, less stressful. 

1. Consider Different Reveals

Consider a First Look with your parents. I recently did a First Look between a groom and his mom, and it was such a special moment. First Looks make for magical moments you can spend together with the amazing people in your life before the ceremony and the rest of your day quickly kicks off.  You can also do a  gown reveal with your bridesmaids! They’ll be your biggest supporters and get you hyped for the day to come. Biggest tip here is to buffer in time for this so that all bridesmaids can be ready for the big reveal. Another option is a wedding reception room reveal. This gives you, as a couple, a sneak peek into the culmination of all your planning and the details that were put into making the space special BEFORE your guests arrive.

Bride and groom dancing at their Ohio wedding captured by Ohio wedding photographer Sierra Dyer Co

2. Know How to Bustle the Dress

Whew! This one is a must. There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing how to bustle your dress the day of  when you’re wanting to get out on the dance floor. Consider designating a person in your wedding party to practice bustling the dress before your wedding day, or even take a video of your seamstres showing how to bustle the train. Better yet, forget having to worry about the bustle and change into a dancing dress instead!

3. Go Into Hiding

No matter the wedding day, I always have my couples “go into hiding” a half hour before the ceremony starts. This prevents guests from seeing you before you walk down the aisle. Plus it gives you a chance to reset, grab a snack, or do any hair and makeup touch-ups.

Ohio wedding invitations captured by Ohio wedding photographer Sierra Dyer Co
4. Extra Florals

Have your bouquet delivered in time to make an appearance for the detail shots. If your florist can supply a small bucket of extra floral pieces that can be incorporated into your detail shots, even better!

5. Prep the Dress

The night before your wedding, hang your dress and take it out of the bag so that it doesn’t wrinkle. If you need to, designate someone to deliver the dress to the getting ready location and have them steam it before you’re set to get dressed.

6. The Kiss

Depending on your ceremony location and any other cultural or religious considerations, you can ask your officiant to step out of the shot during your first kiss. Also, make that kiss count! A quick smooch may be cute, but you’ll be blessed with the best first kiss photo options if you give it a bit more. 😉 I always encourage my couples to pause walking about half way down the aisle to share a “just married” kiss. You’ll get the reactions of your guests behind you!

7. Make the Reception Events Happen First

This is a hot take, but I’m a huge fan of my couple’s sharing their first dance AFTER the father/daughter and mother/son dances. Save yours for last so that you can both remain on the dance floor and invite guests out on the dance floor to join you. After the dances, keep the reception events happening one after the other. This ensures your photographer will capture things like an anniversary dance or a  bouquet/garter toss before their coverage ends.

Ohio wedding bride getting ready at Hotel Leveque in Ohio taken by Ohio wedding photographer Sierra Dyer Co

8. Assign Tasks

You don’t have to do it all! Assign someone to pin boutonnieres, gather gifts at the end of the night, and do any other tasks that can alleviate you having to worry about them. 

9. Get Your Hair & Makeup Done First

I can’t stress this one enough! It can be tempting to want to wait to have your hair and makeup done last so that its fresh all day, but a masterclass makeup and hair artist will be sure it lasts all day. Don’t wait to have your hair and makeup done. You’ll most likely be getting into your dress first and having getting ready photos taken. Going first means you won’t have to stress about your hair and makeup being done on time. If you’ll be having your mom, sister(s), or a maid/matron of honor helping you get ready, be sure their hair and makeup are done early in the day too. 

Bonus: Personalize Your Wedding

Find ways to infuse what’s special to you as a couple into your wedding day. Don’t want to cut a cake? Then forego the cake! You have the freedom to design your day in any way that you please. There are no rules. I love these additional tips on hosting a party that’s uniquely your own.


I hope these tips help make the process of planning your wedding day a little easier and less stressful. If you have any questions or would just like to chat, I’m here for you!

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